LNKO Road Map

Q4 – 2018

DeFi decentralized financial ecological concept proposal

Completion of ecological model design

Completion of LNKO token inssuance algorithm model verification

Completion of Bancor algorithm model verification

Completion of LNKO hourly income distribution algorithm verification2019


Completion of LNKO branding design

Completion of ecological security management system design

Completion of 4 global mining machine nodes and 6 security nodes deployment. And completion of security protection backup by using hot and cold, multi-disaster and multiple attacks.

Completion of LNKO artificial intelligence algorithm verification

Release of LNKO white paper 1.02019


Public beta in the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwain and other countries and regions

Completion of LNKO multi-chains wallet development(supports EOS, ETH and BTC in the first phase)

Ecological layout of short video, LNKO lending and LNKO futures business sections

The first international decentralized finance summit forum and LNKO Asia-Pacific launching ceremony

Establishment of LNKO Asia-Pacific foundation

Launch of LNKO official website

Release of LNKO white paper 1.12019


Establishment of LNKO Silicon Valley Lab(USA)

Build of DeFi blockchain Abstraction layer v0.5 to meet DeFi application development. The purpose of this phase is to build an abstract framework for DeFi application development based on Ethereum blockchain as soon as possible.

Completion of digital identity system building

Scenario layout of data mining mode of Oracle machine business application

Launch of LNKO gaming engine

Launch of decentralized e-commerce engine2019


Release of LNKO blockchain financial service to implement savings, lending and other core financial function

Launch of IEX function in LNKO wallet, one button “token – token” exchange

Release of social media application – LNKO CHAT for peer-to-peer private communication. Full decentralized and private chatting, group creating, certificate issuing and financial assets transferring

Establishment of LNKO big data center for monitoring the data of each section of the DeFi decentralized financial ecosystem in real time2020


Full release of the gaming section

Full release of the global decentralized e-commerce section

Start of Nasdaq listing process

Establishment of LNKO charity foundation

Establishment of LNKO global blockchain incubator2020


Launch of LNKO insurance App

Enter world’s top crypto currency exchanges

Launch of LNKO main chain test-net2020

End of The Year

Building of 15 key DeFi applications with 10 thousand DAU and 100 thousand MAU for 6 months. These are the meaningful merics for a DeFi platform.

Maturity of DeFi API, release of application market and the third-party ecosystem2021

Release of LNKO main chain, fully integration of cross-chain financial assets and trading

Maturity of application market in each section